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Book some fun with teeth! 

First, read the book Tabitha’s Terrifically Tough Tooth by Charlotte Middleton (Lane Library info here), and find out just how tough teeth can be.  After you have read the book together, tell your child to go smile really big at himself or herself in the mirror. How many teeth do they see?  How many of them are loose?  Talk with your child about what happens when they lose a tooth.  For more information for parents to read on tooth loss, click here, and for information on teeth to share with your child, click here

After your child has determined how many loose teeth they have, or may soon have, it’s time to make a tooth envelope.  Start with an envelope.  Any size will do, but the best envelopes to use for this craft are the small manila-type ones made to hold keys (you can find these at any office supply store).   Have your child use markers, stickers, felt pieces, and other craft materials to decorate the outside of the envelope.   Be sure that any items glued on  are firmly attached to the surface of the envelope.  Have or help your child write their name on one side on the envelope.   You could even design multiple envelopes, one for each loose tooth!  If you do make an envelope for each lost tooth, be sure to include the date, as well.

Have fun finding out about teeth and making a tooth envelope!

For more information and activities on losing a tooth, click here.

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