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July 9th storytime: city and jungle animals

Rawr!  We had fun in a storytime jungle today, as we read and sang about jungle animals.   Our early literacy skill of the day was print motivation.

Songs and fingerplays: (see song page for more information)

storytime song, open shut them, 5 little monkeys sitting in a tree, 1 elephant went out to play, eency weency spider (songboard), alphabet song, Simon Says


march around the city to find animals, birds nest activity, jungle animal peekaboo, jungle animal beginning sounds


City Animals

If You’re Happy and You Know it

Literacy info to adults:

aside #1: Research shows that there are six early literacy skills that influence a child’s ability to learn to read.  Today we will talk about print motivation, which is a child’s interest in and enjoyment of books.

aside #2: One way to encourage the development of print motivation is to make sure that you and child have fun while you read. Let your child see that you enjoy reading to them. Be sure to pick a time of day to read when your child will be relaxed and responsive. You know the best times of day for your child, take advantage of them and have fun reading a book.

aside #3:  It’s good to find books that have that little something special that will help keep your child interested in reading the book. Pop-ups, books like this one where you can incorporate a song and motion, and books about things that your child really likes will keep them interested in the book as you read it to them.

Lane Library book  information

If You’re Happy and You Know It

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