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July 23rd storytime: the wrong animals are in the house!

Eek! There aren’t supposed to be cows in the kitchen! Today in storytime we read and sang about the wrong animals in the house. Our early literacy skill of the day was vocabulary.

Songs and fingerplays: (see song page for more information)

storytime song, open shut them, 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, head shoulders knees and toes, teddy bear teddy bear, You are my sunshine (w/cd), alphabet song, Simon Says


bones no bones, what animal is hiding behind the curtain game, little mouse little mouse game


Cows in the Kitchen

How to Hide an Elephant in Your Room

Literacy info to adults:

aside #1: One of the most important skills you can give your young children is a large vocabulary. Knowing lots of words, having a large vocabulary, helps children not only understand what they later learn to read, it also helps them recognize words when they later try to sound them out. Today we’ll see how the language of books expands your child’s vocabulary.

aside #2: Researchers have found that children with a large vocabulary, who have heard a lot of different words, find it easier to learn to read when the time comes. Do not replace unfamiliar words when you are reading to your child, use them and explain them if necessary.

aside #3: Talking about the books that you read and their pictures is a great way to help your child develop vocabulary skills. Be sure to build on the concepts presented and talk about the words that you learned at other times during the day too.

Lane Library book information

Cows in the Kitchen

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