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June 25th storytime: hippity hop, little bunnies

We hip hopped our way through storytime today, as we read and sang about rabbits.   Our early literacy skill of the day was print awareness.

Songs and fingerplays: (see song page for more information)

storytime song, open shut them, my ears are starting to wiggle, do your ears hang low, eency weency spider (songboard), alphabet song, Simon Says


rhyming activity with -unny, little bunny little bunny


Bunny Fun


Literacy info to adults:

aside #1: We talked about the early literacy skill print awareness, which is an awareness of how books work. I explained that print awareness is how we know that we read the words on the page, not the pictures, and we read from front and back, top and bottom, left to right

aside #2: Choosing books that have interesting or larger type helps develop your child’s print awareness.

aside #3:  I explained that I pointed to some of the words in the book, the ones with larger type, as I read them. This helps children understand that it is the words we are reading, which develops print awareness.

Lane Library book information

Bunny Fun


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