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Chicakdee Magazine published by Owl Kids

Chicadee is a bright and colorful magazine for 6 to 9 year olds, and is crammed with games, activities, word play, science experimes, animal information, and fun photography.  The magazine aims to “educate and entertain”, and certainly gives kid readers the chance to learn about many topics in a fun way.  The current issue, April 2007 (available for check out when we get the May edition), features the porcupine fish as the animal of the month, along with a shark story, jokes and comic strips, and “mind-blowing body tricks”, where kids can learn simple tricks based on science (they explain why the trick works) that they can use to entertain their friends.  

Past issues (up to one year) of this magazine and others are available for check out in the children’s department.  Come check it out!

–Miss Tracey

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