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early literacy at home–puppets

Adding  puppet play to the reading of your child’s favorite books will increase their enjoyment of the books and help your child make connections to the stories.   You don’t even have to purchase the puppets–puppet making can be a fun and easy activity to do with your child at home.

You can make puppets out of small paper lunch bags.  Use whatever materials you have on hand to decorate the paper bags.  You can attach stickers and glue on feathers, paper scraps, fabric, buttons, googly eyes, sequins, gift wrap–whatever your imagination and craft drawers yield.  Just be sure to keep safety in mind as you make your choices.   Remember too that the bottom flap of the bag will the head and mouth of the paper bag puppet so decorate accordingly.  Once your puppets are decorated, show your child how to stick the bag on their hand and how to make the puppet talk (by moving the bottom flap with your hand inside the bag).

Craft sticks (also known as popsicle sticks or tongue depressors) can also be used, along with paper plate or construction paper shapes.  Just decorate the shape with crayons or markers, or design and color a puppet on the paper plate.  You can cut the plate in half to make it easier for your child to handle.    You can even glue on yarn for hair, and wiggly eyes.  Then use strong tape to attach the shape to the craft stick.  Voila, a puppet!

Have fun acting out your favorite books with puppets!

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