July 2nd storytime: colors

We were bright and shiny in storytime today, as we read and sang about colors.   Our early literacy skill of the day was vocabulary.

Songs and fingerplays: (see song page for more information)

storytime song, open shut them, if you like the color___ clap your hands, this little piggie (for pink), you are my sunshine (for yellow), teddy bear teddy bear (for brown), alphabet song, Simon Says


pretend paint pretend objects with certain colors, color dance with scarves to All My Colors by Ralph Covert


Mouse Paint

Snappy Little Colors (my personal book)

Literacy info to adults:

aside #1: We talked about the early literacy skill vocabulary, or knowing the names of things.  I explained that there is a clear vocabulary progression: things, feelings, concepts, ideas.  Since color is a concept, the color words and their meanings can be difficult to grasp.

aside #2: Why develop your child’s vocabulary? kids need to know the meaning of words to understand what they are reading

aside #3:  You know if you are reading a word correctly if you have heard it before, in other words you are sounding it out. The more words children hear, the more ready they will be to make connections when they read.

Lane Library book and cd information

Mouse  Paint

Ralph Covert: Ralph’s World

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