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Hokey Pokey: Another Prickly Love Story by Lisa Wheeler and Janie Bynum

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Filled with clever wordplay from beginning to end, this story of a porcupine named Cushion and a hedgehog named Barb will keep your little joke lovers laughing.  Cushion loves Barb, Barb loves to dance, and Cushion can’t rumba, waltz,or tango.  What’s Cushion to do?  He decides to “poke around” and appeal to his friends to teach him their favorite dances.  But after mashing the fox’s tail during the fox-trot (singing “I can do it! Trot-trot…No!”), stomping the rabbit’s foot attempting the bunny hop (“I can do it!  Hop, hop…Stop!”), and poking the hen’s backside trying the funky chicken (“I can do it!  Flap, flap…Whoa!), Cushion doesn’t “stick around” his friends any longer.  Luckily, friendship saves the day and Barb steps in to teach Cushion how to dance.  And of course, together they do the title dance, the Hokey Pokey (pokey, porcupine, get it now?), ’cause friendship and fun are what this book is all about.   Readers will love the slapstick-y wordplay, and the soft and simple pastel illustrations add another fun dimension to the book.

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