book review

Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler and R. Gregory Christie

Cover Image

Jaunty and sophisitcated as Louis Armstrong and a good trumpet solo, this book resembles what a jam session would look like if one could be captured on paper.  You will want to sing rather than read the words, as the rhythms (“so they ROOT-TOOT-TOOT and they SNAP-SNAP-SNAP/and the bouncin’ baby bebobs with a CLAP-CLAP-CLAP”) dance right off the pages.   The story begins as baby wakes up to a family ready to party.  They put on a record album (no ipods here, so get ready to explain) and dance about vigorously (“Daddy jumps high/Mama bends low/Laughin’-limbo Baby says GO, MAN, GO!”), creating a scene of such fun and energy that readers will want to join the musical celebration.   The story ends with calming hugs and smiles and a “snoozy-woozy” baby falling fast asleep.  Angular characters and large slanting text romp across earth-toned backgrounds, reflecting the warmth and energy of the story.  Readers will want to be invited to this party again and again.

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