book review

Uh-Oh by Rachel Isadora

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As any parents of a toddler know, “uh-oh” is a common phrase associated with little ones.  The toddler in this book is certainly no exception.  His day is filled with “uh-oh’s”, from spilling his cereal on his head in the morning, to dropping his ice cream in the afternoon, to throwing his bath toys on the floor at night.   This sounds like a frustrating day indeed, but instead the child’s face reflects the sheer joy of a busy and normal childhood.  Young readers will enjoy and even be comforted by the book child’s routine.  The simplicity of the text, with a noun (toy box, ice cream, kitty cat) on the right of the pages and the ubiquitous ‘uh-oh’ on the left, lends itself to a number of successful ways to read this book.  Adult readers can read the noun on one page and let their young one guess what happens on the next (with a rousing chorus of ‘uh-oh’ after each page, of course), discussions of appropriate behavior are a natural extension of the story, and after repeated experiences with the book, young readers will begin to recognize events and even vocabulary and will be to follow along in the text with you.  Most importantly, of course, young readers will just have fun. The bright pastel illustrations add to the cheer, and Isadora’s toddler is expressive and simply adorable.  Be sure to check this one out!

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