book some fun

Book some fun with a fish named Swimmy!

First, read the classic picture book Swimmy by Leo Lionni (Lane Library info here) and find out just how fun swimming and cooperating can be.   If you have fish at home, gather everyone around and watch them swim.  Very relaxing!

After you have read the book with your child, get ready for some fun Swimmy activities.   First talk with your child about cooperation and how important it is to work together.  Then help them cut several red fish and one black fish out of construction paper (or use white paper and then color the fish with crayons).  Turn to the page in the book where the fish work together to form one large fish shape.  Guide your child in using the small cutout fish to make one giant fish, just like in the book.  Ask your child to count them as you place the fish in formation.  Now gather up some paint and bubble wrap and get ready to make your own Swimmy.  Draw (or help your child draw) a large fish shape onto heavy paper.  Pour various colors of paint (or use foam paint) onto paper plates.   With your child, dip large pieces of bubble wrap into the paint, then gently press them onto the fish shape.  Be careful not to overload the bubble wrap with paint–you don’t need much!  The bubble wrap’s shape will give the effect of scales on the fish.  Be sure to let the fish dry thoroughly.  Then do fishy theater!  Tape a craft stick or small ruler to your child’s fish to make it into a puppet and watch it swim away!  If you need a fishy snack during the puppet show, try yummy Goldfish crackers.

Have fun “getting Swimmy with it”!

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