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Pick Me Up by DK Publishing

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Subtitled “Stuff you need to know”, this book is chock full of the kind of information and factoids kids love.  There is no need to worry about reading this book from cover to cover.  Instead encourage your child to open the book to any page and just start reading.  The book is organized into eight color coded sections that cover just about every topic under the sun, so if a reader does want to find out about a particular topic they can check either the “Where to Find Stuff” guide in the beginning of the book, or check the index at the back of the book.   But the true fun of this book is in its internet-like format.  Each page has several ‘links’–words that are underlined, with a page number listed right after the word where, if the reader turns to that page, they can find out more about that topic.  For example, the section on the five senses (with the information presented as a mystery to be solved by Mister Holmes the detective dog) contains ‘links’ to other subjects such as dogs, foods, the brain, and organs, and the section on superpowers ‘links’ to gravity, China, Rome, skyscrapers, fashion, and movie stars.  What young reader can resist the chance to learn enough factoids to fill an entire conversation?  Older and adult readers willlove this book too, as the call of interesting trivia is nearly impossible to ignore, making this book a reading experience for the whole family.  The colorful and graphic layout creates an extremely attractive and modern look for this book, and the many photos, graphs, illustrations, and maps will strongly appeal to readers as well.  Be sure to “pick up” this book, just be aware that readers of all ages won’ t be able to put it back down!


  1. Chrissy said

    My kids love this new book called Archy the Flying Dolphin.
    It’s quite a good little book written by a very funny guy named Alan Williams.
    Well I don’t know if he’s really that funny in person, but through his writing I find him quite a smart well-written writer.
    Anyways, my kids love his new book Archy and love reading it at bedtime.
    Just thought I would pass on the latest and greatest.

  2. Thanks for info i ll try to find out this book

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