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Oooh! Matisse by Mil Niepold

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Getting ready to head to the art museum?  Be sure to read this book first.  Oooh! Matisse asks the reader to take a closer look at several of Matisse’s master cut paper works, turning art appreciation into a fun game for younger ones.  The book begins with an extreme closeup of a blue fleur-de-lys on a golden background, and asks “What is this?”  The text then guides the reader to possible answers, yellow sand or a blue feather, before revealing a larger picture with the words “oooh! I am a Leaf!”   Several more pictures are discussed, and the final spread shows the original Matisse works.  This book could be a fun first step in teaching young readers to appreciate artisitic masterpieces, as well as how to dissect those masterpieces and see them in a new way.   Be sure to make your own cut paper masterpieces after reading this book.   See this  article from Family for more information on Matisse and making your own Matisse-like cutouts.


  1. Nice book review and great project link! I got to try this Matisse project soon!

  2. Mil Niepold said

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you so much for this great review! Matisse is such a passionate artist – and such a great fit for young children. Enjoy!


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