book review

Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Cover Image

Readers get three easy-to-read and deceptively simple stories in this one delightful book.   Best friends Dog and Bear have fun, conquer fears, and learn about compromises, all in amazingly few words, and with expressions that read as easily as the text.  Young readers will relate to the simplicity and familiarity of each story, while adults will find the pair’s gentle adventures humorous and sweet.  In one story, Dog decides to change his “boring” name, and comes up with all kinds of inappropriate possibilities.  Bear, doubtful about the name change, instead suggests the name “my best friend Dog”, which earns Dog’s enthusiastic approval.  But then Dog decides to shorten that name, to what else? “Dog”. 

The illustrations are simple, bold colors contained by thick black lines, surrounded by generous amounts of white space, all which combine to give the story an immediacy and energy.  Readers will love the animals’ extremely expressive faces.

Be sure to check this book out for your youngest readers.  (Lane Library info here)

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