book review

And the Train Goes… by William Bee

Cover Image

“All aboard who are coming aboard…” says the train conductor at the station, and so begins a train ride for a wide variety of characters, from the fireman shoveling coal to the school class off on a trip chickens off to market.  An absolute delight to read aloud, this book is full of great sound effects that kids will love to hear and to say: the engine goes “chuff-chuff, chufferty-chuff, the train goes “clickerty-click, clickerty-clack”, the chickens on their way to market go “cluck-cluck, cluckerty-cluck”.  The heavily detailed illustrations are pen and ink, with a computer used to fill in the drawings with flat, bright colors.  Each double spread depicts a different car (they actually look more like platforms than cars) of the train and its various passengers, and is full of small details like the floral designs on the sides of each train car, and repeated in various places from the blanket on the horse to the tea cups on the table of the ladies train car.  A fantastically fun book to read aloud to train lovers and anyone who just likes to go.

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