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Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard

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Uh-oh, Bird sure did wake up in a bad mood (something all readers can relate to!).  He’s just too grumpy to do anything, even fly.  “Looks like I’m walking today” he grumbles, and off he stomps.   As he walks thorugh the woods, Bird meets up with several of his animal friends, all of whom ask what he’s doing.  Bird’s replies are hilariously sarcastic, at least at first.  As he is joined by more and more of his friends, Bird’s walk becomes a follow-the-leader game, as his friends begin to imitate his every move.  In fact, thanks to his friends and their antics, Bird forgets that he’s grumpy and starts to have fun.  By the end of the story, Bird is having such a good time that he invites his friends back to his nest for worms.  The illustrations add so much to this simple story, and the grumpy expression on Bird’s face at the beginning of the story is priceless.  The bright, almost garish colors and familiar backgrounds, along with the cartoon-like animal figures, will catch a young reader’s eye and draw them into the story.  This book, along with a walk, of course, is the perfect antidote for a bad mood.  (Lane Library info)


  1. Hi Miss Tracey,

    thanks for the lovely review of Grumpy Bird! I had a great time writing (and drawing) it so it’s always nice to hear that others are enjoying it too. Thanks for making it a part of your storytime.

    I hope you have a wonderful day. All the very best,


  2. Marisa said

    I’m using this book in my Move with Music classes at my library this week! I was so happy to see it on your blog!

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