book review

My Cat Copies Me by Yoon-duck Kwon

Cover Image

This gentle story of friendship and discovery details the adventures of a young girl and her cat.  The story starts simply, as the girl and the pet who copies her every move make tunnels out of newspapers, hide in closets, smell flowers, and prick their ears to listen for mommy’s arrival.  The joyful Asian-inspired illustrations almost glow, and the happy facial expressions on the two best friends give a happy-go-lucky feel to the first part of the story.  The second part of the story takes on a different feel as the girl decides to copy her cat instead, and “climb high and see things far away”, as well as stretch her mind and body and be brave in the dark.  The illustrations change too, keeping their luminosity but becoming more aggresive in nature, as the girl and cat are no longer small and dainty, but become the biggest objects on each page.   Kids will love the sense of adventure they find in this beautifully illustrated book.  (Lane Library info)


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