book review

When a Monster is Born by Sean Taylor, illustrations by Nick Sharrat

Cover Image

Who knew that monsters have so many choices to make in the course of their lives?  What, you haven’t heard about the life of a faraway-in-the-forest or an under-the-bed monster?  This monsters-choose-their-own adventure book describes the life of a monster, from dancing the boogie-woogie (“that’s that”, so not a good choice) to eating the principal (you’ll have to read the book and see).   The monster is more silly than frightening, and he even remembers to say sorry when he walks through a wall, so even the youngest of readers will enjoy his adventures.  Bright colors and multiple fonts give this book a modern and immediate feel, and are made even more striking by being set on a black background.   The pure silliness of this story and its monster hero will have kids requesting this book over and over.  (Lane Library info)


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