book review

Fiona Loves the Night by Patricia MacLachlan and Emily Charest, illustrated by Amanda Shepherd

Fiona Loves the Night

Some are scared of the night, but not Fiona.  She awakes in the middle of the night, when “half a moon shines through her window”, and turns off all the lights so she can “see the night”.  Her dog watches as she goes out the door and into a night that’s described as silent and safe, and seems quite magical.  Fiona counts stars and listens to all the sounds of the night.  She runs through fireflies and tries to touch a luna moth and finds “moonflowers that bloom only in the night”.  The lyrical text is gorgeous in its simplicity, and feels like poetry when read aloud, but kids will understand and feel the same wonder that Fiona experiences on her night time adventure.  Heavily textured illustrations, done in glowing tones on a velvety black background, are a perfect match for the text.  Extreme closeups of bats and fireflies and other night time creatures emphasize the immediacy of the story, and along with the finger-painted backgrounds, create an overall feeling of being enveloped in a pleasant dream.   This lovely book is prefect for sharing together at quiet times.

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