book review

Who’s Hiding? by Satoru Oni

Cover Image

Need a quick distraction or a fun way to talk about colors and even animals?  This animal search and find book with a twist begins on the inside cover with a cartoon animal lineup that has behinds turned to the reader, something that will definitely appeal to most kid’s senses of humor.  The first set of pages shows the animals now facing forward and in bright colors on a stark white background, with the animal name beneath each drawing.  Be sure to point to each animal name as you read the book–this is a great way for kids to learn that you are reading words, and not just the pictures.  Then the search and find aspect of the story kicks in on the next page as the author asks “who’s hiding?”  The white background becomes a yellow one, rendering the animal colored in yellow invisible except for its facial features.  In alternating pages the backgrounds turn green, red, brown and blue, forcing kids to find the animal of the same color who is “hiding”.  Then comes the twist–on other pages the questions become a little more challenging, such as “who’s crying?”, “who’s angry” and “who’s sleeping”.  The search at the end of the book is a doozy.  Kids will love the brightly colored animals and pages, and will have fun searching for animals.  This is a book that can be read together, but kids may have even more fun reading it on their own. 

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