book review

The Unexpectedly Bad Hair of Barcelona Smith by Keith Graves

Cover Image

Barcelona Smith is having a bad hair day, indeed.  Before his bad hair day, Barcelona was a model child–in fact, he was a bit of bore.  He never stopped to smell the roses, or play on the playground, or pet an animal, because they could be dangerous, after all.  He never even smiled.  Then, comes a humid Wednesday, and “Barcelona’s hair ran amuck”.  In fact, his blue playdoh-like hair was such a mess that “every follicle fooped”.  Immediately, his hair takes over and forces Barcelona to go wild outside (without an umbrella), skating and jumping, and even forces Barcelona to ride a bike.  Of course, Barcelona finds that all this crazy activity is actually fun–and then, it begins to rain.  Kids will love the wacky humor that drives this story, and will love the cartoonish illustrations, done in muted acrylics (except for all that blue hair), even more.   Be sure to read this one out loud together, especially on a humid bad-hair day.

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