book review

Snowballs by Lois Ehlert

Cover Image

This simple yet fun and refreshing story will interest even those who shiver at the slightest mention of snow.  As the flakes begin to fall on a “perfect snowball day”, the unseen narrator and friends make not just one snowman, but a whole snow family, all the way down to a snow cat and dog, the latter decorated with lots of buttons for spots.  The reader has to turn the book vertically to fully enjoy each member of the snow family, all of whom are dressed with “good stuff” the narrator has been saving in a sack.  Kids will enjoy the simple story, even when the sun comes out and the snow family meets its inevitable end, and can learn some basic information about snow from the factual information presented at the end of the story, as well.  But the illustrations are what make this book truly unique.  Readers of all ages will immediately be drawn into the story by the collage illustrations.  Kids will love to point out the realia–a scarf, popcorn, seeds, a jingle bell.  The two layouts at the end of the book, with the brightly colored realia used in the illustrations laid out on a white background, will be simply irresistable to young readers, who will love to point out that they themselves own similar objects.   Hopefully this book will inspire you and your family to collect a bag of “stuff” this winter and make your own snow families.  At least check out the popcorn balls recipe on the back flap!  And have fun with this book!

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