book review

Ask Dr. K. Fisher about Animals

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Dr. K. Fisher is a very knowledgeable bird, so much so that a letter to readers  in the front of the book (an actual letter that readers can pull out from an envelope) promises “any problem solved”.  This entertaining book takes the form of letters written by animals to Dr. K. Fisher, such as the letter from a “concerned crocodile mom” asking about the parenting habits of other reptiles, and a letter from a “troubled tadpole” expressing concen over his changing body.    This inventive book provides young readers with a fun way to learn about a variety of animals.   As a nice touch, there is even a glossary in the back of the book,  with definitions of words like ‘bacteria’, ‘herbivores’, and ‘predators’.  The pen-and-ink collage-style illustrations are of expressive animals on letters, envelopes, and even notepaper, and reflect the humor in the text–the letter from the worm is covered in dirt and the letter from the mama crocodile has jagged edges to match her teeth.  This is a fun and informative book for animal lovers and curious kids alike.


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