book review

Shark and Lobster’s Amazing Undersea Adventure by Viviane Schwarz, illustrations by Joel Stewart

Cover Image

Kids will love this silly book, which looks like a cross between a picture book and a graphic novel.   Shark tells Lobster that he’s scared of a “thing that’s full of teeth and stripes”–why, he’s scared of a tiger of course!  Kids will love the incongruity of a shark being scared of something that he will never see in the ocean.  They will also love the party that ensues once Shark and Lobster convince their ocean friends like cuttlefish and a crab family to help them build a fortress for protection.  Shark even sings a song, as the cuttlefish plays the piano that’s part of their fortress (see, I told you it was silly!).  It’s all fun until the ocean gang decides their fortress isn’t big enough, and they fetch a giant seamonster from the depths of the ocean to help protect them from tigers.   Once the seamonster awakes, the animals decide that, since Shark is full of teeth and Lobster is full of stripes, tigers are the least of their worries.  The illustrations are delicately colored pen drawings, and both echo the story and bring in additional humorous elements.   Kids will love the silliness of this book, and will enjoy being in on the joke, knowing more about tigers than the book’s characters.  What a unique and fun readaloud!

–Miss Tracey


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