fun with magnets

Make your kid the star of the show!  Make a star magnet clip/artwork holder.

Cut a star out of cardstock , or have your child cut it out.  You can also buy star die cuts at craft stores or in the craft section of many discount stores.  Help your child decorate the star with puffy paint or markers, along with stickers, sequins, or other glue ons such as flowers, pom pom, buttons, etc.  Be sure to have your child write their name across the top of the star.

When your child is finished decorating their star, glue the star to a wooden clothespin.   Attach a strip of magnetic tape down the length of the other side of the clothespin, or use pieces of recycled magnets and glue them to the clothespin.

Hang your magnet clip on the fridge, and use the clip to display your child’s artwork from storytime.  Now your child is truly the star of the show!

–Miss Tracey

(thanks to Kim for asking for a magnet craft idea)

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