time for back-to-school

Hi parents,

Believe it or not, it’s almost time for the kids to head back to school!  While some kids (and adults!) will cling to the last vestiges of summer, many are ready for supply shopping and new clothes.  Here are some craft ideas that you and your child can do together on these last few “I’m bored” days of summer that just might get all of you in the mood for school!

Make use of those outgrown jeans (yours and your child’s) by recycling the pockets.  Cut off the pockets (be sure to leave a “back” on the pockets) and carefully hot glue them to a notebook or folder.  Your child can use the pockets to hold extra pencils and pens.  Older kids can hot glue a piece of magnetic tape to the back of the pocket and stick them up in their lockers.  Don’t forget to decorate the pockets, using permanent markers and paint.

Here’s a cheap and easy way to personalize a notebook.  Use a variety of colorful pipe cleaners!  Make sure that the pipe cleaners are long enough to wrap around the cover of the notebook that you wish to use.  Help your child carefully wrap the pipe cleaners around the front cover into a design of their own making .  Use colored masking or even painters tape to attach the ends of the pipe cleaners on the inside of the notebook cover.

Your child can use pictures cut from magazines or even pictures taken with the family camera to personalize their new pencil box.  Have your child cut out pictures that they like from magazines.  Or, for even more fun, help your child take pictures with a digital camera, concentrating on family members, friends, and pets.  Then print the pictures on regular paper and help your child cut them out.  Once you have the pictures that you want to use, use an old paintbrush to brush on a mixture of half glue and just slightly less water onto the back of the pictures.  Then attach the pictures onto the pencil box.  Once everything is in the right place, very carefully paint several more layers of the glue mixture over the pictures.  Let the glue dry completely before loading in all those new pens and pencils.

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