early literacy in storytime: examples five and six

Let’s review: early literacy is what children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write; early literacy skills are the building blocks for later reading and writing.  Here are two more examples on how early literacy techniques are being incorporated into toddler tales.

Example #5: While I only read one book during storytime, I try to make that book a fun one and one to which toddlers can relate.  We also usually do a few songs and fingerplays related to that book, as well.  If we can have fun while reading,  your child will learn to enjoy books and reading.  That is such an important factor in learning to read!

Example #6: Each week, you the caregiver have an opportunity to take home a handout that lists some of the songs and fingerplays that we did that week in storytime.  You can then take that handout home and continue these early literacy activities at home.  After all, parents and caregivers are the best “teachers” to get their children ready for learning to read.

Of course, the most important thing about storytime is that we have fun!  I have a few more examples on how early literacy techniques are being worked into storytime, so stay tuned.

–Miss Tracey


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