book review

The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norman Juster, illustrations by Chris Raschka

Cover Image

The hello, goodbye window is the kitchen window in the home of the young narrator’s grandparents, and it’s a magic window into the special days and nights that she spends with them.   The characters make faces at each other through the window, they look at their reflections, they look at the garden each morning and and they check the weather.  The narrator even watches out the window for tyrannosaurus rex, the pizza delivery guy, and the Queen of England.   Best of all, she blows kisses to her grandparents through the window as she leaves with her parents, “happy and sad at the same time”.  The text is sweetly and lyrically exuberant, and the Caldecott-award winning illustrations are masterfully child-like, soft and yet full of life.  This book would make a wonderful read aloud for grandparent and child.

–Miss Tracey


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