book review/poetry Friday

Diamond Life by Charles R. Smith, Jr.

Cover Image

It’s baseball season, and this book of spirited poems captures the excitement of the sport and even gives young readers some advice for and insight into the game.  Listen, Kid tells readers to “Keep your eye on the ball./Swing for the fences./No matter how many time you strike out, keep swingin’.”  A poem called What’s My Name ends “it’s been a real pleasure/meeting you from the mound,/but now you have to go/’cause strike three means sit down”.   The text itself gets into the game, often reflecting some aspect of baseball, with To The Moon echoing the shape of a ball, and There It Goes tracing the arc of a ball from pitchers hand to home run fence.  The illustrations are colorful photographs of young baseball players, and perfectly reflect the energy of the text.  Although there are some lengthy poems, they are easily skipped in favor of shorter poems containing lines like “The catcher smells so bad that he made me strike out” (Excuses, Excuses).  Baseball lovers should definitely check this one out!

–Miss Tracey


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