book review/poetry Friday

Lily Brown’s Paintings by Angela Johnson, illustrated by E.B. Lewis

Cover Image

Not your more typical poetry with rhyming verse, this picture book is still very much filled with poetry, with lyrical free form verses describing how the everyday places that Lily’s paintings take her to, from the ocean to the big city to the park, become magical through art (“In Lily Brown’s paintings/the path to the park becomes/a wild-animal living room”).   Lily’s joy as she paints becomes the reader’s joy, as “the sunlight turns to stars/and Lily begins flying”.  Yet all of this whimsy is surrounded by a sturdy reality, especially by Lily’s love of her family, “her mama’s smile,/her daddy’s eyes,/and the way her baby brother/holds her hand before he goes to sleep”.   The watercolor illustrations are dynamic and vibrant, and alternate between Lily’s lush real world and bright, child-like artwork meant to be Lily’s.  This is a satisfying read for parent and child together, and hopefully will serve as poetic inspiration to you both to pick up a paintbrush or even visit a museum.  Check this one out!

–Miss Tracey


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