fun with crafts

This coming weekend is a great time to spend some time crafting with your kids.  Or you may need some activities that keep the kids busy having fun on their own for a while.  Here are some ideas that fit both of those scenarios.

Make stained glass eggs!  That’s right, stained glass eggs.  All you need is a blown-out egg, white glue, a paintbrush, and small squares of brightly colored tissue paper.  Directions for blowing out a raw egg can be found here, and adult assistance will be needed.  Once the egg is ready, brush on a coat of glue.   Then stick on a layer of tissue paper squares.  Follow this with a coat of glue, and another layer of tissue paper.   Finish up with another layer of glue.  If you feel like the glue is too thick, you can mix it with a little water.  Because the egg was blown out, your creations will last indefinitely, or at least until they break.  Be sure to send me pictures of your stained glass eggs!

Not into eggs?  I know you’re into stories!  So, make your own storytelling theater.  Find a large, clean pizza or shoe box (or large piece of cardboard would work as well).  Cut a large piece of felt to fit the inside of the lid (or one side of the piece of cardboard), and glue it into place.   Use a color that will make a good background for your stories.  Black, light blue, or light green can be great colors for this.  Then cut out some story pieces.  You can use felt, magazine pictures, or even real pictures.  Cut them into shapes, like people, trees, houses, or anything that you need for the stories that you want to tell.  Glue another piece of felt, or better yet a piece of velcro or sandpaper, to the back of the figures to make them stick to the felt storyboard.  To make your figures stronger, you could glue them to cardboard before you cut them out.  When your figures and stage are ready, let the storytelling begin!  When you’re finished, store the figures inside the box.

Have a great weekend!  Don’t forget to get crafty!


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