the letter H

Hi preschooler parents! This week’s letter is the letter H. Help your child find objects around the house that start with the letter H, and then do a show and tell. Need some ideas? How about a hat, a hula hoop, or a hairbrush?

Talk about how the letter H sounds, and how it looks.  Then sing the alphabet song together. Read a book with your child, and look for words that have the letter H in them. Learn how to say hello in lots of different languages (see a list here). You could even have an H snack.  Try a honey and peanut butter sandwich.  Yum!  Your H craft is fun–make a  handkerchief puppet.  Directions can be found here.  Then print out the letter H homework and do it together. Have fun!  And don’t forget to hug your child, too!

Doesn’t the letter H make you happy?!


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