the letter K


Hi preschooler parents! This week’s letter is the letter K. Help your child find objects around the house that start with the letter K, and then do a show and tell (in the kitchen!). Need some ideas? How about a key, a kiwi, or a kleenex? (Or, if you want to get into silent letters, you could try a knee, a knight, or a knot.)

Talk about how the letter K sounds, and how it looks. Then sing the alphabet song together. Read a book with your child, and look for words that have the letter K in them. Make “kiss me shamrocks” together and decorate your house with them for St. Patrick’s Day. Your K craft is perfect for the spring that will soon be here. Make a kite! Directions and patterns can be found here. Be sure to go out and fly your kite together, and don’t forget to hang it in your child’s room when you are done. Then print out the letter K homework and do it together. Have fun!

Isn’t the letter K keen?!


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