The letter F


Hi preschooler parents! This week’s letter is the letter F. Help your child find objects around the house that start with the letter F, and then do a show and tell. Need some ideas? How about a footprint, a flower, or a folder?

Talk about how the letter F sounds, and how it looks. Then sing the alphabet song together. Read a book with your child, and look for words that have the letter F in them. Take a walk outside with the whole family and look for any flowers that might be popping up early. Your F craft is to make an alphabet book all about your child’s family. Decorate the cover of a blank notebook, and help your child write the title “My Family”. Together write the letters on the alphabet, one letter on each page of the notebook. Finally, pick one attribute about your family that starts with that letter of the alphabet, and illustrate the page with that attribute. For example, for the letter P there could be a picture of popcorn, because your family likes to eat popcorn and watch movies together. You could have your child draw the pictures, or you could go through old magazines and cut out appropriate pictures, and glue them in your book. Then print out the letter F homework and do it together. Have fun!

Isn’t the letter F fantastic?!


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