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Dear Bunny: A Bunny Love Story by Michaela Morgan

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Valentino (Tino) and Valenteeny (Teeny) are two bunnies that, despite their names, need a little help reaching their “hoppily ever after”.  Although they each think that the other is “lovely”, they are too shy to talk to each other.   So, they decide to write letters, which they leave in a hollow log for the other to find.  However, these letters are ill-fated–a family of mice shred the letters to use in their nest.  When the bunnies begin to cry, the mice realize what they have done and decide to play cupid.  They take the best parts of the letters and put them together into a masterpiece of sweet romance, which the bunnies read and realize that they were indeed meant for each other.  Awww…  The story makes for a wonderful read-aloud, with fun dialogue and vocabulary, and the illustrations are adorable.  Be sure to check this one out!

–Miss Tracey

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  1. Michaela Morgan said

    Hello there! I just found this review of my book Dear Bunny .
    THANK YOU1 xx MM

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