book review

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Cover Image

What does a boy do with a sad penguin?  Take it home, of course.  The little boy in this story finds a penguin on his doorstep, and decides that it must want to go home.  The boy does lots of research and discovers that penguins live in the North Pole, so together they set off in a row boat.  They float through “good weather and bad”, and there’s “lots of time for stories”.  But once he drops off the penguin at the North Pole, the boy discovers his mistake–the penguin was looking for a friend, not home.  Of course, they are reunited in the end, with hugs and happiness all around.  This is a sweet yet poignant story of friendship that kids will enjoy hearing read aloud.  The illustrations are simple and gently colorful, and portray the saddest penguin you will ever see.  Be sure to check this one out!

–Miss Tracey

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