book review

Aggie and Ben: Three Stories by Lori Ries

Cover Image

Ben is a kid and Aggie is his dog, and together they make for a great picture book.  In the first story, we find out how Ben came to choose a dog for a pet.  He considers many animals, but also considers the actual consequences of owning each animal (a snake might make mommy scream).  In the second story, we find Aggie and Ben getting to know each other, as Ben finds they can share many characteristics, but says no to drinking out of the toilet.  The third story shows the developing friendship between Aggie and Ben as they settle in for the night and help each other get to sleep. 

The illustrations are a huge part of the story, and are the perfect match to the text.  Simple but with a very modern feel, the pen and ink drawings add another dimension to the storytelling, and are delightfully funny, as well.

This is an easy reader, and would be perfect for those kids who are beginning to read on their own, but still need simple text, and is also one of the few readers that is also a great read aloud for any age. 


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