ideas for storytime fun at home

I”ll miss you all in storytime this week (no storytime until October 26). But I have some great ideas for you to have your own storytime fun at home. First, decide whether you want a storytime about bugs, or one that will get you in the spirit for Halloween. Or do both!

Then, go to the Lane Library Kids Page, scroll down to the TumbleBooks option and click on the blue box. Then choose the storybooks option–it’s the red oval on the left. If you would like to do a bugs storytime, click on B-C and scroll down to the book Bugs Bugs Bugs. Click on the View Online button on the left, and listen and watch as the book is read to you right on the computer.  When you’re done with the book, try singing a song about bugs. How about “eency weency spider”? Try singing it normally at first, then faster and faster. See how fast you can sing the song and still do the motions!

If you would like to get in the Halloween spirit, TumbleBooks has three great options. You can choose F-H and then find Frank Was A Monster Who Wanted To Dance, or go to J-M and pick Lima Bean Monster, or click on L-M and scroll all the way down for Monster Mash. Once you’ve listened to the book, you’ll be in the mood for some spooky music. Try one song or them all on KIDiddles spooky music page.

Although we can’t have show and tell together at the library this week, you can do a letter of the day show and tell at home. Why not make it H day, and help your child find things around the house that start with H? Maybe you’ll find a horse, or a hat, or a Halloween mask, or even a happy face. And here are some H coloring sheets you can print out for more H practice.

Have a happy week and I will see you on October 26th for a real library storytime!

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  1. Very amazing site! I wish I could do something as nice as you did…mary

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