book review

Ouch! By Ragnhild Scamell

Cover Image

Hedgehog is ready to settle in to her nest for a long winter’s nap, when plop! a problem occurs, in the shape of an apple landing on her back and getting stuck on her quills.  With this unwanted new addition to her wardrobe, Hedgehog can no longer fit into her nest.  What’s a Hedgehog to do?  Ask her friends, of course, but Hedgehog and her friends have no luck at all.  In fact, they only manage to add to the apple, in the form of brown nuts, a small green pear, a crumpled leaf, a pink water lily, and more.   It’s only when she meets Goat does hedgehog find a solution to her problem.  This is a fun story, and kids will love to laugh (gently of course) at Hedgehog’s difficulties in removing the objects from her back.  The childlike illustrations perfectly fit the story, especially when Hedgehog’s “legs paddled in the air as she twisted and wriggled and rolled”, and the animals are simply adorable.  What a fun story!

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