poetry Friday

It’s Friday, a perfect day to talk poetry .  Why?  Fridays are fun, and so is poetry! 

By reading poetry to your child, you are encouraging development of their listening skills, and introducing them to the enjoyment of words, not just the reading of the written page, but the way that the words themselves sound and the pleasure that those sounds can bring.  Plus, there’s a poem for everyone out there, no matter their interests, making poetry the perfect bridge from listening to reading.

Each Friday, I will introduce you to some of the wonderful poetry books in the library’s children’s section.  Please take a moment or two each week to share some poetry with your child, you will both enjoy the experience.

Beast Feast by Douglas Florian

Cover Image

A funny collection of poems about unusual animals.  Some of the poems are as short as two lines, some are as long as a page (with big type, though, so don’t let the length bother you) , but all will make kids laugh.  The illustrations are softly colorful watercolors, done in a child-like way that kids will be able to relate to and enjoy.  A perfect poetry books for animal and fun loving kids!

Animal Trunk by Charles Chigna

Cover Image

The bright, primary colors will draw your child into this book, and the lively poems will get them to stay.   Simple and silly rhymes about animals sound great read aloud, and will help increase your child’s knowledge of vocabulary without them even knowing it.

Enjoy poetry Friday, and every day!


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