book review

Bats at the Beach by Brian Lies

Cover Image

A fun and fanciful story of bats who fly to the ocean to “wet our feet where land and foamy ocean meet”.  The bats pack up all the necessary beach paraphanalia (some in tote bags that look just like those made by Land’s End) including their moon-tan lotion, and arrive at the beach to play games, lay in beach chairs, and take turns being kites.  They surf and boat, and then have a yummy picnic of “beetles, ants, and milkweed bugs, crickets, moths, and pickled slugs”.  The bats have a wonderful time, and anyone who loves the beach will recognize the fun activites of an ocean lover, be they kid or bat.  The rhyming story is fun to read out loud, and the illustrations are appropriately luminous, with the light of the moon reflecting off both water and bat wings.  Even the bats look cute and furry.  A fun story for bedtime, or anytime you feel like a trip to the beach.


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